Profundo Journeys Cuba 2018

​A Captivating Travel Photography and Cultural Tour

January 8-21, 2018

Welcome to Cuba! Colorful, warm and full of surprises!

Our 2018 itinerary Gibara once again explores the heart of Cuba; here small fishing and farming villages, small cities and pristine coastline. Stops include Gibara, Santa Clara, Remedios, Camaguey, Nueva Gerona & Havana. There is ample time in each location to get out and explore, and feel like you are immersed in the culture.

The tour begins in Miami with our flight to Holguin. We are transfered by air conditioned coach to Gibara, home of the yearly Cine Pobre (the International Low Budget Film Festival) and some of the nicest people you will ever have the opportunity to meet. Gibara is located on the north shore of the island, home to fishermen and much history. It is intimate, simple and a great starting point for our photographic exploration.

We travel next to Camaguey, a small Cuban city located in the heart of the country. The architecture in Camaguey is a highlight along with the arts community, and town layout that resembles a broken dish. One could get lost wandering the narrow streets, but you are never far from home!

Remedios is a charming town with colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. Nearby Caibarien is a small fishing village and port city and a perfect place to immerse yourself in local Cuban culture. 

No trip to Cuba would be complete without Havana, where we spend the last leg of our visit. Incorporated into the Havana leg is a trip to the Isle of Pines, a hidden treasure where few tourists visit. Here, before the Cuban Revolution, a thriving international community existed, as well as the infamous prison, Presidio Modela. There are many beautiful natural habitats to be explored, home to many rare species.

Our trip concludes back in Havana, as we explore history and create relationships with artists and community leaders. There is time built into our schedule to wander at your leisure, experiencing the narrow streets, colorful characters and vibrant plazas. A trip to Cuba inscribes itself in your heart and will stay with you, always.

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