The Profundo Spring 2012 trip to Hungary and Vienna started with a seed; renting a house in a small western Hungarian town of Felsőszölnök. To reach this town, we flew into Budapest, where we explored the two sides of the city, Buda & Pest, visiting the castle, markets, walking the streets and relaxing at cafes, all the while photographing architecture, people, interiors and the Danube. From Budapest, we traveled to Felsőszölnök, and used this as a base to visit small villages, and even had a foray into Slovenia. Being within two hours of Vienna made it a no-brainer to spend time also in this historic capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire. 

Our trip concluded back in Budapest with the opportunity to discover additional sites of interest and cultural activities.

Profundo Journeys Hungary and Vienna 

May 2012